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It is rolling around to that time again, where the eldest in your academic year has a birthday commencing. For me, this year is all of our 21st's and I am so excited to celebrate, but I am also that person that leaves gift buying to the very last minute, often meaning that they can be slightly lack lustre haha! But not this year, I'm using this blog post as an excuse to get myself organised and hopefully you will also find the perfect gift in this guide for a special someone in your life. So, please take a seat, grab a cuppa and read on...

(Photos taken from Joma Jewllery)

Joma Jewellery ££

Having both received and given gifts from this company, I know that it can be an absolute winner. It is affordable, yet the the personal element to the jewellery makes the pieces that extra bit special for a birthday.

Cocktail making kit ££

As we are addressing this particular age range, I thought it would probably be appropriate to include an alcohol related present in there somewhere. There are a lot of cocktail kits on the market. You can even buy ones that you can personalise to the individuals favourite drink. Alongside this present, it may even be nice to offer to arrange a date where you can both give them a go! I mean, its a win win then ;)

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Not On The High Street £-££

I am an absolute sucker for something that is personalised. I just feel as though this makes the gift even more special for the person receiving it. I am sure you have all heard of this website before and I certainly go back to it time and time again for gift ideas. It is perfect for discovering a collection of smaller gifts or investing in a slightly more expensive, but luxurious present.

(Photos taken from @thenapco)

Silk gifts £££

This is all the rage at the moment, not only do these products look expensive, but they also claim to have lots of benefits for your skin and hair. In particular, I have found that the Nap Co. have some lovely items that would make the perfect gift for your "princess" friend of the group... we all know the one ;)

Chocolate bouquets ££

What an ingenious idea, I mean I do not know any girl who does not like chocolate (unless they are allergic!) This is 100% a statement birthday present that they will remember. It doesn't take a lot of effort or thought... but it sure will look and taste spectacular.

(Photos taken from Jo Malone)

Jo Malone gift sets £££

If you want to really push the boat out, Jo Malone is any girls dream fragrance company. Being able to buy ready made sets or create one yourself, you can ensure that you truly spoil your friend, girlfriend, daughter etc. I know this one is pricey, but if you find yourself in a larger friendship group it might be the time to club together. That way, you are sharing the cost but really making sure that they receive something gorgeous.

Happy celebrating everyone!!

E x

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