Raw & Real- putting yourself out there

"Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss."

This quote perfectly sums up the way I approach life these days. In my "2020 reflections" post, I touched on how I felt this year had already taught me so much about myself and had definitely changed my perception of life and how I want to live mine. I think a lot of the time, we are all too afraid of what might happen if put ourselves 'out there.' The judgements, the failure, the unknown. Instead of just taking the plunge, we let opportunities pass us by, because we are just not brave enough and I know I have been guilty of this. When I first considered starting All Things Ella, I contemplated whether it would be worth it? would anyone even want to read what I had to say? what would people think? But here I am 4 months after, loving the posts I write, for me. Yes, its great that you guys enjoy reading them too (I hope), but actually it has been great fun for me! The same goes for my Instagram. So, when I first started posting more I wondered what people would think or even say, whether people would judge me or think that it was stupid- especially when I first posted my IGTV's- This quite frankly scared the sh*t out of me. But, I came to the conclusion of, who cares! And actually, in adopting this attitude I had a great deal of fun, made new friends and received some really lovely feedback (I just ignore the other comments haha). In taking the plunge of putting myself out there, despite any doubts, I have actually discovered a new hobby that I really enjoy. Lately, I started my clothing brand tagline_clothing. This time failure was my biggest concern, I don't like to feel as though I have failed and if I set my mind to something of course I want it to succeed. TLC is still in its early days, but even if in years to come I look back on this time as a small period in life that didn't work out, my biggest loss would be a small investment. Whereas, if I hadn't put myself out there and taken this opportunity, I may have lost out on a lot more. Tagline is an expression of me through clothing and again I wouldn't ever regret my decision to take the risk and do something not so ordinary.

This goes for anything in life. Whether you are thinking about dropping out of your degree to follow your dreams, whether you want to start a YouTube channel, whether you want to apply for a job that you're not sure you'll get. In a lot of these scenarios, the worst that will happen is not worth worrying about and alternatively, the best that could happen would be spectacular. Coming back to the starting quote, we create our own life choices, we make choices on a daily basis that determine our path. If that choice, requires you to put yourself out there to achieve what you want, then you shouldn't let this stop you. There's nothing wrong with putting yourself out there, anyone who thinks there is isn't worth your time anyway.

Thank you for reading,

E x


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