Raw & Real- Perfectly Imperfect

This is a slightly spontaneous start to my Raw & Real series, but I guess that in itself encompasses what this series is all about. I want to be honest and transparent with you, this morning I woke up feeling "not quite good enough". This led me to thinking about the topic of what is perceived as "perfection." So as always, I invite you to read on, get comfortable and if you take anything away from this post, then please just know that we are all perfectly imperfect.

Don't make comparisons

The world has created this form of what it perceives as perfect. When in reality, there is only our perception of perfection. I think there are a lot of influences that suggest we must look a certain way, or live a certain lifestyle. In reality, being you should always be good enough. Speaking as a 20 year old female, I know that I can often get caught in the social media traffic that portrays a certain form of beauty or lifestyle, that makes me feel as though I should change things about myself. Yet, by comparing yourself to somebody else you are only chasing a version of yourself that does not exist. Being truthful, as I am writing this post I am sat in joggers and a hoodie, having not been very productive today, having not done my make up, or my hair and that is ok. We should not then enter the world of social media and feel as though this is not acceptable, because the snapshot of somebody else's life is exactly that, a snapshot. Before that Instagrammer took that photo, they probably felt or looked exactly how I did this morning. So I guess my point is, making comparisons will only become a barrier to allowing you to embrace all the beautiful aspects of yourself.

Accepting failure

I feel as though, accepting failure goes hand in hand with the topic of being "perfect." Do you remember when you were in school and your teacher always used to say we learn from making mistakes. Well I have come to recognise that this is true. If you take a moment to think about your personal successes, then I almost guarantee you had to fail to get there. I know that some of my own achievements have stemmed from failing and even failing several times. Viewing failure simply as your inability to achieve "perfection," is counter-productive. Linking back to making comparisons, you can not make judgements about your journey based upon somebody else's, because everybody's journey is different. In my opinion, negative thoughts only lead to negative outcomes, which means that failure has to be viewed as an opportunity to grow.

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable

Unfortunately, we may be part of a generation that doesn't view imperfection as a positive. We need to appreciate imperfection and then acknowledge how this makes the world a brighter place. I know what you're thinking, you've heard this all before, but I think the key to being happy, is the ability to be comfortable with the aspects of yourself that make you feel UNcomfortable. Why shouldn't we all love our imperfections? These are the things that distinguish us from the next person and the next. I promise, that these are probably the things people love most about you, remember the One Direction song- Little Things, well if Harry Styles can love your freckles then you can too. I want this post to be a reminder not only to myself, but to everyone reading, that you don't have to meet these expectations. We are all human, which means that you are your own version of perfect. It is time to pick ourselves up. Look past all the superficial elements of a person and start to appreciate each other on a human level, a level where we acknowledge our flaws and celebrate our achievements. Most of all, we need to eliminate the pressure to feel, look or be a certain person. Just be you. That will always be good enough.

E x

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