Raw & Real- falling behind in life?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A couple of things influenced writing this blog post, the first being a topic of conversation from "The Girls Bathroom" podcast, as well as the well known book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck." - Both I would highly recommend taking a look at. I don't think it is uncommon for everyone to have doubts about their own journey in life, in particular thoughts about how they are falling behind and that they are yet to experience everything that life has to offer... by the age of 20!!?? This post is just here to express some of my own personal thoughts on this topic and maybe even slow myself down a tad haha. So, please get comfortable and read on. Remember to click like on the post and subscribe, I do really appreciate it!

To start, I think an important reminder would be to say that we are all INDIVIDUALS. Life takes a different path for every single one of us, and this is ok. It may be the case, that you now find yourself in a friendship group where everyone is in a couple and you're single or that they have all graduated and you are still yet to work out what the hell you are doing! It is 100% human nature to compare ourselves, even to strangers online, but then this makes it really difficult to establish a sense of self-acceptance. I am assuming that a lot of you reading this are in your teens/20s and in this case some of you may be the person who is yet to have lost their virginity, go to university, get a job, have a boyfriend. This might have you questioning why? Well, the answer is because it’s just not your time yet. Ultimately, if we were living in a world where everyone took life at the same pace, you wouldn't question it, you would have the validation that you were doing the right things at the right times, because everyone else was as well. But there’s a reason that the world isn't like that! Gone, are the days where it is the norm to be married and have kids by the age of 25. Life takes many different paths and these paths are constantly changing, so focus on yourself rather than anybody else.

In a way, I do this myself a lot of the time. "Oh I can't wait to have kids," "I wish I was just working full time now"- but when I stop and think about this, I should just enjoy living my life in this moment. Because, in the grand scheme of things it is a bloody good one haha! It is typical to then experience everything you think you wanted to, too soon and then reminisce about being younger... YOU ARE YOUNG. I/we/you have our whole lives ahead of us and what is the rush? So what if you are the only single one in your group, or if you've still not finished uni when everybody else is employed. Think how exciting it will be when these moments do finally come, but also think how the time you have right now is also so precious.

Not only this, but more experiences come with more problems. That sounds a bit depressing haha, but it's kind of true. It might be easy to see photos of couples or other people's successes on Instagram but in reality this is just a highlight, real life is different. It isn't all sunshine and roses and your 20s are the best years of your life (well so I am told) so these "extra responsibilities" if you like, have to enhance your life not be a burden. Which is why you shouldn't force them to happen, a happy relationship will come when the time is right, you'll get the job of your dreams when the time is right, there will be a chance to travel the world when the time is right... I think you get the point.

Life always has a certain habit of just working out. So, stop doubting it.

Thank you for reading,

E x


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