July Monthly Favourites

2020 is flying by and we are already at the start of August, which means it is time to share everything that I had been loving throughout July. This month was a mixture of both new products and rediscovering old ones, from makeup to TV programmes it is a little bit of a mish mash this month- does everyone say that or is it just me? So, please take a seat and get comfortable for a Sunday afternoon read...

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Tommy Hilfiger Chunky Glitter Trainers

I wanted to start by talking about probably my most loved item throughout July, being my Tommy trainers. If you follow me on Instagram (ellahamiltonxo), then you will have already noticed my slight obsession with these trainers. I mainly love them, because they are on trend with that 'chunky' trainer vibe, yet don't give me the impression that I am about to go out and run a marathon. I adore the colour and didn't realise when purchasing that they are slightly glittery (even though the name would suggest that)! But, to be honest I wouldn't let this put you off as it is extremely subtle. Overall, they are really comfortable and work perfectly with any jean or jogger outfit.

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Kate Spade earrings

These earrings are not new to my jewellery collection but I have especially been loving them throughout July. Most of the time, I am inclined to wear silver but these gorgeous rose gold hoops are an exception. What I like most about them, is that they are quite minimal for hoop earrings, with some sparkle they can be worn for any occasion. Plus, I can sleep in them, which is a huge plus because I am super lazy and it means I can just roll into bed without having to take them out!

You can no longer buy these particular ones, but I have linked some that are similar.

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Radox Bubble Bath

Bath time may just be my favourite of the day! I have always been a bath girl over a shower and so my latest bubble bath addiction has been the Radox Blissful bath soak. It smells absolutely divine and creates the most elaborate bubbles. I especially love using this when I am looking to have a pamper, because it leaves my skin feeling so soft.

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Magnitone Face cleansing brush

This favourite comes with a bit of a story attached...

Having been searching for a face brush for quite some time I purchased one that I had seen promoted online. Yet, after waiting over a month for it to arrive to then be told that it still wasn't coming for another 2 weeks I cancelled my order and discovered this one. And, I am so glad I did. My skin has really benefitted from using this once or twice a week, as it really cleans out my pours. I would also say that it can be used on sensitive skin, my skin is often quite sensitive to new products, but the bristles are so soft and gentle.

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Morphe 350 palette

If you have read my everyday makeup post you will know that I have been using this palette regularly. More recently in July, I have been taking the time to experiment with different eyeshadow colours and looks, which has worked brilliantly with this palette as I have started to use more orangey and pinky tones on my eyes. I also find that the warmer colours complement blue eyes perfectly. This was a look I created with this palette...

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Love Island Australia

It seems that I am rather behind on this hype, but I must say that binge watching Love Island Australia was definitely a highlight in July haha! I thought it was sooo much better than the UK's version, just because the drama seemed to be never ending. If by any chance, you are yet to watch it, you should definitely try and get it on catch up- it won't disappoint any 20 year old girl ;)

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