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Ok, so as I am writing this post it has been a full 80 days since our nail salons and hairdressers closed in the UK. 80 days! I think many women and men will agree with me, that we have never appreciated our beauty technicians more, but hopefully this "how to" will bring a little glimmer of inspiration and creativity to your nails at this time. I am definitely not an expert at nails, normally just having the urge to throw on any old colour, but this look takes just a small amount of extra time and looks so much more professional. Follow this step by step guide to achieve these chic at home gel nails- remember please give the post a Like or Subscribe for future post updates.

Products used

You will need three nail vanishes to create this look, one colour which can be used as the dot, one colour as the base and a gel top coat. I chose a black nail varnish (Rimmel) for the dot, a pale lilac nail vanish (OPI) as the base and a top coat (Sally Hansen). Personally, I chose a more affordable varnish for the 'dot' element of the look. However, I would recommend investing in both OPI and Sally Hansen varnishes, as I can really notice the difference in colour, application and longevity when using a slightly more expensive varnish. Plus, as we are not spending at salons, why not!? Alongside these, you will need a nail file, bobby pin and a piece of card.

Step 1

Preparation is key. Make sure that you have fully removed any nail varnish that you already have on your nails, that you have filed them to your desired shape and that your hands are moisturised.

Step 2

Start by applying the first coat using the lighter colour of choice. After this has dried, go ahead and apply a second layer to ensure that the colour is opaque.

Step 3

As your nails are drying, you can now pour a "pea-sized" amount of your darker vanish onto the cardboard. You don't want to do this step too early as the varnish will begin to dry onto the cardboard and then become difficult to apply, I discovered this the hard way!

Step 4

As soon as your second layer has fully dried, take your bobby pin and cover the tip in the darker varnish. With a steady hand, I was shaking like a leaf here ahah, apply a dot centrally at the bottom of the nail. Repeat this step for the rest of the nails. At this point, let your creative flare show. You can create lots of designs and arrangements with the dots and have play around with colours too (see image below for other designs).

Step 5

At this point, you should leave your nails to dry for at least 15minutes, before applying your gel top coat. If you are as impatient as I am, then this feels like forever, but trust me if you apply the top coat too early the dark colour will run into the rest of the nail and ruin all your hard work!

Et voila!

You can now admire your salon worthy nails...almost...whilst they dry. Please see the photo gallery below to help you along the way.

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