How I Redesigned my Bedroom

I have always been a home-bird and I knew when I went to university I would decide to stay living at home. But, if this meant that I was going to be at home for at least another 3 years, my bedroom was definitely going to need re-vamping. This blog post will be all about how I went about redesigning my bedroom, using the skills, knowledge and money from my parents ;)- mum, dad if you're reading this thanks again. So, please take a read and hopefully you'll discover a little bit of inspiration for your future interior design projects. Remember to Like and Subscribe.

Now writing this post, I realise how little before photos I have of my bedroom. Characterised by a metallic purple feature wall, a wall sticker saying "girls just want to have fun" and a pink paint splash as my light switch cover, it was any 10 year olds dream. Yet, at 20 it was definitely time for a change. I knew that I wanted the room to feel brighter and fresher and I was flicking between themes associated with beach vibes. I had a vision for how I wanted my room to look, but couldn't quite nail the finer details, so I headed to Pinterest. This app was great for me to be able to make my own mood boards and find inspiration, it actually got me super excited because I got a real feel for how I could turn my vision into a reality.

The first aspect I want to talk about is the flooring. Originally, my room was carpeted, it was old and dirty, covered in straighten burns- girls will appreciate my issues. It had to go! Loving the beach hut and surf board pics I knew that I wanted a wood floor, I thought it would really add to the fresh feel I was after. We eventually settled on bamboo flooring, I know that hard floors are not everybody's cup of tea, but I would never look back now. This was quite a pricey way to go about reflooring, however there are definitely more affordable options on the market that will give you a similar look.

Next up, the walls. I love a feature wall, I think it adds that extra bit of interest to the room, but the purple was never going to fit what I was after. Instead, we went for something really minimalistic, white walls with a light grey feature wall where my window was. Again, this made the room feel so much lighter and bigger, which was a definite bonus! As the walls were quite plain, I decided to buy some prints to add to the character. Mum and I hunted on a website called Desino for hours and settled on these three. Bold and bright, without being too overwhelming.

The minimalist approach continues with the blinds. Considering that I wanted the room to feel light and summery, curtains just didn't fit the bill. These serve the purpose of not letting the light in, but in my opinion they also suited the space so much more. However, these do need a black out blind behind otherwise in summer you'll be waking up with the 5am sun rise.

In terms of the finishing touches, this was my favourite part. I did struggle to find the bedding that I pictured in my head, initially I was drawn to the palm leaf print but couldn't quite pin down one that was affordable, the correct colour and size. So, I change tack and went for a more floral print, which I love because it is pretty and dainty but has some interest to it. I already had a dressing table, but with a dressing table comes a mirror. This was mums pick as a birthday present and I love it! Design, shape and quality is spot on. Finally, I decided I wanted the room to have grey accents, this came in the form of my rug and dressing table stool. As much as I adored the bamboo flooring, a rug adds the cosiness that otherwise would have been missing! Below is a list of shops that came in handy!

Key websites and shops:

Desino- prints

B&Q- flooring

Urban Outfitters- bedding

Dunelm- rug and stool

E x

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