Fashion Trends for this Autumn/Winter

Long time no blog! Second year uni, really did hit me like a tone of bricks, especially after spending most of the year sat around not having to think about one single thing and to be honest, I have not missed academic writing! After skipping September, here we are in October and the autumnal outfits are definitely underway and I'm not complaining! This time of year is 100% my favourite for styling opportunities and 2020 has hit us with a few fashion trends that I am absolutely loving- unfortunately writing this blog post is certainly giving me the urge to shop! So please, sit back and read on...

Long boots

Even though, I feel as though these are a timeless piece, they are definitely coming in thick and fast on the high street this year. I am a massive fan of your lace up, suede, classic chunky heeled boot, but there are so many versatile styles on the market at the moment. Even a wellington style, which I am not sure I am quite confident enough to rock but girl you go for it! I have particularly loved pairing these with a shirt dress or you could even put them over some skinny leather trousers to really turn up the heat ladies ;) Here are some of my favourites I've found from Public Desire and PLT...

Faux leather

Dresses, trousers, skirts, shorts, coats. You name it, its comes in faux leather and I am loving it. Zara, in particular are killing the faux leather game and at a really affordable price too! I feel as though these are staple items for your A/W wardrobe, to dress up or dress down a faux leather piece really does give you that chic and stylish look.

Sweater vests

These have absolutely flooded the classic A/W styling hauls on Youtube, name anyone and I almost guarantee that they've included a sweater vest in their most recent haul. I am actually yet to get my hand on ones of these yet, as they seem to be constantly out of stock. However, here are a few that I will definitely be keeping my eye out for. All available on Asos!

Suit Blazers

In keeping with the school girl theme, this particular style of blazer is all over Molly-Mae's Instagram and don't they look great. The masculine vibes are appearing across many catwalks at the moment, especially in the form of suit blazers with the occasional sneaky shoulder pad. So, here are some for you to style, again all found on Asos...

Wellington boots making a cheeky appearance here!

Thank you for reading,

E x


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