Discovering European Cities- Venice Edition

I have a new-found love for European city breaks. Over the past couple of years, my boyfriend (also known as my travel buddy) and I, have taken the opportunity to explore Europe's finest cities and I have truly fallen in love with quite a few of them. So, this series is all about sharing my experiences in these places, with the aim for you also to discover the beauty of Europe. We are kick starting the adventures, we a virtual tour of Venice. The city of love. So, please sit back, relax and read on... remember to Like and Subscribe for new post updates.

For me, Venice really was a city like no other. Characterised by its unique canals and quaint side streets, it completely turns the typical definition of a city on its head. We arrived on the island by boat and soon became enamoured with the true nature of Venice. Navigating our way to the hotel, we were astonished by how peaceful it was- you couldn't hear a pin drop. After many debates and changes of direction we manage to find our accommodation, which was spectacular. Having been whisked away for my birthday, my boyfriend did truly spoil me in every aspect, the hotel being one of these aspects. It was Venetian elegance at its finest. The room was comfortable and furnished authentically, the staff were lovely and we were in the perfect location- away from the little hustle and bustle in the centre, yet the size of the island meant that we were still in walking distance of every need or want during our stay. We even befriended our bar man Bobo.

Our trip also involved some of the most memorable experiences. To start, we grasped the opportunity to go on a gondola ride. It is common knowledge, that when in Venice you must take a trip on a gondola and I am so glad that we did. Exploring Venice by boat was ideal, with the trip taking us down the narrow canals around the backstreets, under the bridges and out onto the Grand Canal- the waterway that splits the city into 2 halves, cool I know. Take a scroll through the pictures below to see our experience...

Although I would have been glad to have travelled by gondola for our whole stay, this would have made our trip much more expensive haha! So, exploring Venice by foot is the next best thing. In fact, we had booked a walking tour in advance, which I know may not be everybody's cup of tea, but even if you aren't into your history this was fascinating. I would 100% recommend experiencing a tour whilst you are here, as there is so much to learn and see in the city that you would be completely oblivious to unless somebody had told you!

The food couldn't go unmentioned in this post! Italy being renowned for its authentic dishes, Venice certainly delivered a wicked dining experience. With a diet consisting of pizza, pasta and ice cream all week, we were fully embracing dining Italian style. Our favourite evening routine meant that each night, we would stop to get a hot cider from the stand-alone cocktail bar nearby to our hotel. This quirky shack, provided such a safe and relaxed atmosphere for us to enjoy a beverage of our choice, before heading into the city centre for food. I should really mention our love for the Magnum Pleasure Store too. Even though, I am aware that this is not the most authentic Venitian experience, it really was tasty and such a novelty to create your own Magnum. To be honest with you, we often avoided eating in the Piazzo San Marco square, because in my opinion, it is not an expense worth making when travelling to Venice. The city has so many small businesses that sell classic Italian food that you really don't need to spend the extra if you dont want to! In fact, on our last day we found a pasta take-away, yes this was as incredible as it sounds. And not only was the food restaurant quality, but we took it to be eaten on the square anyway.

I want to leave you with some things to remember when visiting Venice:

  • Travel in the winter- we visited in February and from hearing about other people's experiences in the summer, Venice can get very stuffy and smelly! This is not a typical beach holiday anyway and so I wouldn't be reluctant about making it a wintery break.

  • Pack for the walk- as I said, walking is the best way to get around and this does mean that you'll need a comfy pair of trainers.

  • Spend the money on a gondola ride, not to eat on the square- of course everybody has different preferences, but this would just be my advice.

  • Venture out to the other islands- we actually didn't get an opportunity to do this, but it would have definitely been something to consider if you were staying for longer.

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