Confidence in the Gym with Sarah Lees

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I am so excited to say, that this blog post is in collaboration with Sarah Lees, qualified PT, online coach and content creator (@_sarahlfit). Over the past month, we have been working together to create a post that contains our advice regarding building confidence in the gym. I remember when I first started training and how I felt quite intimidated experiencing a gym atmosphere, especially in the weights section. Gyms will soon be reopening in the UK and whether you are new to the gym or just in need of a little confidence boost to get back into the swing of things, this post is here to help you out! So, please grab a cup of tea, take a read and hopefully you will find this post useful.

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We wanted to begin with discussing the topic of mindset. Specifically, the importance of remembering your "why." Your "why" behind going to the gym could be that you want to loose 5lbs or that you want to develop a new skill. It will be different for each and every one of us and there is no right or wrong motivation, I talk about this more in my post surrounding my own fitness journey. Focusing on your "why," will make it much easier to be able to tune-out from everything that it happening around you. Enter the gym with the right intentions and a purpose, irrespective of anybody else. Sarah also suggests finding your daily motivators, which is a great way to break down your bigger goals into more achievable chunks to keep you on track. You will be surprised how the smallest of successes will impact your confidence, importantly these external factors will always be there to lift you up, even if you're feeling down. 

We also wanted to address, dressing for confidence. This may seem like a very superficial factor in influencing confidence in the gym, but at the end of the day if you feel good in what you are wearing you will inevitably build self-confidence and in turn go and smash your workout! There are a lot of "trendy" ways of dressing for the gym these days, but as long as you pick an attire that makes you feel comfortable and empowered then wear whatever you like! There are gym clothes out there to suit every body type, every gender and every personality so find the one that is right for you!

These are a few of our favourite gym brands:

  • Gymshark

  • MyProtein

  • DoyouEven

  • Lululemon

Sarah and I, both understand what it feels like to be new to the world of gymming and if you don't know where to start, this can often knock your confidence. Specifically, there are several worries that come with venturing out into the weights section of the gym, you may feel as though you "don't belong" amongst all of the gym bunnies or may simply not have a clue where to even begin. This is ok. There are so many online sources of information that are easily accessible these days to help you out. Learning and expanding your knowledge surrounding your goals, will create a new sense of confidence. Look for Instagram videos or on Youtube for tips and tricks to get you started, Sarah herself has built a community sharing knowledge around workouts and fitness! But, as with anything though, be careful who you choose as your source of information, social media can be a crowded place and you don't want to engage in content that will act oppositely to your desired outcome.

Another great tip is taking a buddy along with you. I definitely found that training with my mum and boyfriend built my confidence, before I was ready to train on my own. It is a good idea, to take someone who has similar goals to you and maybe someone who is slightly more experience going to the gym. Hand in hand with this, is that there is no shame in asking for help, getting somebody to show you ropes, again will provide you with the knowledge to make you feel more comfortable and confident to try something new. Bonus, it also makes training so much more fun! Also, remember that training at times where the gym is less busy will give you the best opportunity to try out new things. If you are a student or working from home, then you may be a prime position to take full advantage of the luxury of having a quiet gym. There will be more equipment available, in a space which will feel less intimidating.  

Last but certainly not least, is being able to acknowledge and understand your own ability. Be respectful to yourself. Don't knock your own confidence, you wouldn't tell a friend that they couldn't do it, so don't tell yourself this! Hype yourself up, because you ARE amazing. Equally, understand where you are on your journey and set respective goals based on this. This is so important to ensure that you're getting in the little wins! Decide that at first you will try one session for 30mins in the weights area and then the week after try for 45mins. You will be surprised how your confidence thrives if you are consistent and willing to put yourself through a small amount of discomfort to begin with.

Remember, act confident and no one will question you!

We thank you for reading this blog post,

E & Sarah x

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