A Week of Healthy Breakfasts

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Breakfast is hands down my favourite meal of the day, I could most definitely eat breakfast at any time of day and can not function fully without it! There are so many breakfast foods out there, that it really doesn't have to be the boring classic cereal and toast combo. I thought I'd put together some of my favourite recipes to give you a different breakfast for every day of the week! So, please get comfortable and read on...

Monday 9:00am

Most of us see Monday as a "fresh start," its the beginning of a new week and our healthy habits are at an all time high after probably having a slightly more indulgent weekend. This is why a hearty wholesome option is the way to go! Starting with my staple porridge bowl. I love this breakfast, because it provides me with the fuel I need to start my day. Berries and dark chocolate are great sources of antioxidants and also a winner for curbing my sweet tooth!

You will need...

50grams Scottish oats (cook in the microwave or on the hob)

A pinch of cinnamon

Handful of berries

Dark chocolate

Tuesday 9:00am

I am all for simple and quick recipes- especially if I am waking up starving the last thing I want to be doing is baking fresh breakfast muffins or cooking a full fry up. That's why a smoothie is always a good option for the morning. Being a chocoholic, my favourite fusion is chocolate peanut butter and banana. However, if you're in the market for a fresher feel then this tropical combo is perfect.

You will need...

80g Frozen pineapple

80g Frozen mango

1 Banana

1 medjool date

Splash of milk

Handful if spinach

Wednesday 9:00am

Happy hump day! I don't know about you but mid week is most definitely the point at which I start dreaming of the weekend (is that too early haha?) And so, poached eggs and bagels give me those brunch vibes that I'm longing for by this point in the week! I must say, my boyfriend and I have spent an age perfecting the art of a poached egg. Finally, we have settled on 4mins as the prime cooking time to get that runny yolk. To jazz up this classic, you can add chilli flakes or even a bit of smoked salmon.

You will need...

1 bagel of choice

2 eggs


Salt and pepper

Chilli flakes

Thursday 9:00am

Another super easy bowl you can make is a yogurt bowl. Yogurt makes for a lovely light summer breakfast and again is high in protein. Plus, it never gets boring you can add whatever you're feeling that day; fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, peanut butter or even my homemade granola ;)

You will need...

Yogurt of choice (I really like the blueberry liberte or Arla protein yogurts)



Friday 9:00am

So, it's the start of the weekend and your take-out cravings may have already been kicking in. In this case, I'd be devouring a breakfast burrito, this is super quick and healthy! The Mexican cuisine is a very popular one, which is why it should definitely be a breakfast option. I like a mix of scrambled eggs, avocado and red onion all rolled up in a soft tortilla but again you can get creative. Here are some filling ideas...

You will need...

1 wholemeal wrap


Turkey/smoked bacon



Mexican beans

Hash browns

Saturday 11:00am

It's the weekend and all I want on a Saturday morning is my protein French toast. A healthy twist on a quite unhealthy guilty pleasure. With the perfect combination of high protein, fats and carbs this breakfast will leave you feeling full and satisfied! For this one, you will need to whisk together your eggs and protein, whilst adding your milk until it reaches a liquid consistency. I like to toast my bread a little before coating it in the mixture and frying it off. Topping it with some fruits and greek yogurt, this is such an indulgent breakfast, being slightly more nutritious.

You will need...

2 slices of wholemeal bread

1 egg and 2 egg whites

1 scoop of protein powder

A dash of milk

Strawberries and Greek yogurt (for the toppings)

Sunday 11:00am

We have reached our final breakfast of the week and to be honest I couldn't not include my healthy pancake recipe. Pancakes are a Sunday morning must, but you can create a slightly healthier alternative. I simply switch standard flour for oat and wholemeal flour. This is a small swap that doesn't compromise flavour! Simply blend your oats to create a flour and mix all the ingredients together. Remember to pick your toppings wisely, if you want to keep this brekkie reasonably healthy... if not though, I am totally down for a blob of Nutella;)

You will need...

50g oats

50g wholemeal flour

2 eggs

150ml Semi skimmed (or alternative) milk

Let me know if you give any of these recipes a go!

Thank you for reading,

E x


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