5 items every girl should pack in their suitcase

A/W has to be my favourite time of year and it is fast approaching. So, I thought I'd take today's blog post as my final opportunity to talk summer related stuff, before flooding my blog with all the autumnal vibes. Travelling has been limited this year, to say the least. However, in a weeks time I'm finally off on my 2020 summer hols and so this blog post is here to take you through my packing essentials. Whether you're going abroad, travelling to the UK seaside on a sunny day or taking a road trip, this is your guide to packing your suitcase. So please, take a seat and read on... Remember to like and subscribe, I do really appreciate it!

A beloved white shirt

What a versatile piece of clothing? Depending on the style, this could be a dinner, lunch or even a 'throw-on' around the pool piece. My current favourite is this one by UNIQLO, as it is made from linen it is super light weight and an ideal outfit for a beach bar. I would pair this, with some denim shorts and a pair of slip-on sandals.

A good BB cream

I have fallen back in love with makeup over the past few months and when I have the time and patience I have loved experimenting with new looks. Having said this, a full face on a scorching hot day, doesn't ever sit right with me. Instead, I opt for a BB cream to give me that extra bit of coverage without the risk of it slipping straight off my face in the heat! This one from NYX, is a great affordable option. I was also really impressed with their shade range, with the only downside being that that it doesn't have any SPF- which is also essential if you burn as easily as I do!

Leave-in conditioner

Now, I'm sure there are girls out there that manage to slay that salty wavy beach hair look. But I can tell you, I'm not one of them! My hair combined with chlorine and salt water, equals me, looking like Hagrid x golden retriever. So if like you're like me, then a leave-in conditioner is the remedy you need to prevent frizziness and split ends whilst away on holiday. I use the Palmers coconut oil one, yet there are so many fab ones on the market to suit every hair type. Most are not particularly pricey however, an alternative to any leave-in conditioner would be some coconut oil if you can get your hands on a tub when you arrive at your destination!

A pair of comfy flats

I have never been one for flip flops, for some reason I am just uncomfortable with having stuff in between my toes. Having said this, I am a huge fan of sliders and these ones are my current favourite find. I have only recently discovered EGO as a brand, but I am super impressed by their shoes, especially for the price tag!

A portable charger

Last but not least, an essential for any form of travel is a portable charger. To be honest it doesn't really matter which one, as long as it does the job! I would recommend the Anker power core charger!

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